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Each package contains 3 pounds of bees (approx 10,000 bees) along with a mated queen of the race ordered. Italian queens tend to be slightly larger with a more distinctive gold and black banding while Carniolan queens tend to be smaller and darker with less distinctive banding.  

Each has it own unique set of characteristics and you can read more about their differences in this Bee Source article.


Package delivery is expected to be the last week of April or first week of May.  .

You will be notified of the exact day, time, and pickup location as the delivery date approaches.  It is very important that you pick up your packages in a timely manner as we have no facilities to keep packages in storage for any amount of time.




If you are only buying one race of bees, click on the appropriate "Add to Cart" button which will take you to the Paypal page where you can change the quantity. If you are ordering both Italians and Carniolans, click on the "Continue Shopping" link at Paypal to get back to the page and then click on "Add to Cart" under the other race. When you get to Paypal again, it will show both kinds and you can adjust the quantity before checking out.

Terms & Conditions: The Brighton Bee Club ("the Club") is only acting as a central point to collect money for the carrier ("the Carrier") who will be providing the packages. The Club will not be responsible for the bees themselves.  Once sales are closed, approximately mid-April,  the Club cannot offer any refunds .  Prior to the closing of sales, refunds will be handled by the Club.  Any refunds for PayPal/credit cards will be charged a 3% processing fee.



By placing any orders with us, you acknowledge that your have read and accept the Terms & Conditions as outlined above.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

Dan Rau at (303) 659-4106.  


 Please fill out the form below (step #1).  Once you have filled out this form, then go on to step #2 to continue to Paypal to make your payment.  Your order will be finalized once payment (step #2) has been made. 

Step #1 tells us how many of each type you want and step #2 is where you pay for the total quantity of packages ordered.  If the total count of #1 and #2 don't agree, we will contact you for clarification.  Please note:  If you pay through PayPal, there will be a $4.25 surcharge added to the package price to cover the merchant fees. 

You can also pay by check or cash and no surcharge will be added.  Click on this link to print the form: Bee Package Order Form for Mailing


#1 - Give us some information we'll need to complete your order: Please hit "submit" after filling out the form below.  You will be returned to this page to complete step #2.

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#2 - Pay for your selection.  Note:  Quantity is the total number of packages being ordered: